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Frequently asked questions

Our products can be found in pharmacies and parapharmacies or by contacting our office. If the product you are looking for is not immediately available, it can be ordered and delivered in a short time, seeing that we use the same channel of distribution as pharmaceuticals.

VEA LIPOGEL is a lipophilic gel containing VEA Olio (vitamin E acetate) " jellified " with lipophilic substances similar to the lipids normally present in the stratum corneum of the epidermis.

VEA LIPO3 is a newly developed lipophilic gel based on Vitamin E, enriched with the 3 main lipids of the skin barrier (Ceramides, Fatty Acids and Phytosterols). It has a plant based composition.

VEA SPRAY (dry oil spray) a totally innovative formulation: it allows you to spread VEA Olio (vitamin E acetate) on large skin surfaces, forming a perfectly thin film of vitamin E on the skin with a non-greasy effect.

VEA BUA (oil base spray) is a new formulation that allows you to apply VEA Olio (100% pure Vitamin E) on the skin in a spray form, without touching, creating a homogeneous and persistent film.

None of our products are tested on animals, as required by the current directive on cosmetic products (European Regulation 1223/2009; available directly from the internet). European legislation prohibits animal testing (Article 18 of the same Regulation) on all cosmetic products marketed in Europe and their individual ingredients. As this is a legal requirement, it is no longer possible to claim as special or unique feature that the law has made mandatory for all companies, and therefore it is not emphasized on our product packaging.

ACD (allergic contact dermatitis) is one of the most common causes of dermatitis in industrialized countries. Amid these, one of the most widespread causes is due to Nickel, a particularly common metal contained in jewelry, detergents, cosmetics and coins.

The wording "nickel tested" indicates the control of the presence of nickel inside the product. In fact, there are no cosmetics or products that are absolutely nickel-free but only those with a very low concentration are unable to trigger an allergic reaction. The concentration below which, according to the data of the scientific literature, contact allergies to nickel do not occur - and which therefore can be considered acceptable in cosmetic products - is equal to 0.0001% also referred to as 1 ppm.

On the basis of this data, we check all of our products to ensure that the nickel content is always below the determined limit. The controls carried out and the constant care taken in the selection of raw materials, their preservation and all stages of processing have enabled Hulka s.r.l. to develop products with an average nickel content of 0.00001%, which corresponds to 0.1 ppm, 10 times lower than the limit content reported in the literature and considered to be conventionally acceptable.

Celiac disease is a food intolerance that affects the small intestine. It is believed that the presence of gluten in cosmetics, detergents, or other products that may come into contact with the skin or mucous membranes, including those of the mouth, is not considered a risk for people with celiac disease. However, it is possible that in certain situations (young children or the elderly) or with certain products (lip protection, oral cavity protection, etc.) improper and / or accidental ingestion of these products may occur. As a result of this, each and every product in the VEA line are tested for gluten. Particular care is taken to avoid contamination, especially during the production phase, which guarantees a gluten level well below the limit established by available scientific evidence, namely 20 ppm. The entire VEA line guarantees a contamination value of 10 ppm, therefore 50% lower than the determined threshold limit.

All VEA products are designed / formulated for sensitive, allergic, or skin with an altered physiological condition.

This is the precise reason our products contain as few ingredients as possible, paying the upmost attention and care in the selection of ingredients based on their skin tolerability profile, avoiding the use of substances indicated by the dermatological literature as the most frequent cause of skin sensitivity or contact allergies:fragrances, preservatives or colourant.

Our products can be found in pharmacies and parapharmacies or by contacting our office.

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